Voice Channel Manager Discord Bot


The Voice Channel Manager Bot is a bot that manages voice channels in Discord servers. It helps to prevent large lists of voice channels in a servers’ channel list by automatically creating channels when none is available, and removing channels when they are not needed. In addition, the Voice Channel Manager Bot can create “Game Rooms,” which base the channel name on the game that the users in the channel are playing, and allow members of the server to create their own custom voice channels.

Feel free to join the Discord if you have any questions or need help setting up the bot!

Auto Voice Groups

Auto Voice Groups allow server managers to keep their voice channel lists clear of clutter. When you set up a Voice Channel Group, the Voice Channel Manager Bot creates the initial channel. When users join the channel a new one is created, and when they leave it is removed.

Auto Voice Group

Temporary Voice Channel

Temporary Voice Channels give users of a server the freedom to create their own custom named channel. To keep things tidy, the channels are deleted once all users have left the channel.

Temp Room